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If you applied to the First round

If you don't wish to accept your place, you should decline it here at This is important as it notifies the university that you won't be attending and also makes the place free for someone on the waiting list.

If you applied to the Second round

If it's after the first selection

If you´ve applied for a course and/or programme, you indicate that you do not wish to accept any places you´ve been offered by answering ‘No’ to them on the 'Application' page with your admissions results.

If it's after the second selection

If you don't wish to keep your place after the second selection, it's important that you decline your offer. This will make the place available for other interested applicants.

You can decline your offer in the 'Application' area of your account here at

Read more about the two admission rounds

You can always submit a late application. The courses and programmes that are open for a late application will have a 'Select' button next to them when you do a search.

Please be aware that it's up to the university to decide if they wish to consider any late applications. It's impossible to say what your chances are as a late applicant. It depends on the popularity of the programme and how many accepted students and then applicants on the waiting list decline their place - if any do.

It's difficult to say if and when an applicant on reserve (waiting list) or with a late application will find out if they've been offered a place:

  • universities offer places to people on reserve as they become available. It's impossible to say if places will open in a course or programme as an accepted applicant needs to decline their place for it to be made available.
  • late applicants may be considered if there are still places available after all reserves have been contacted.  

After selection, if the university decides to offer you admission, you'll receive an email along with a new Notification of Selection Results. In most cases, the university will be in touch with you directly.

In some cases, you won't hear from the university until after the semester starts.

If you do not wish to keep your place, you should decline your offer. This will remove you from the university's class and contact list for the course and make the space available to other interested applicants.

If you wish to keep your place, you do not need to reply to your offer. All contact from this point on should be directly between you and your university.

Yes, you may have a chance. While a late application is considered if there are places available after selection, it all depends on which course or programme you applied to and the individual university offering the course. 

In general, in order to be offered a place as a late applicant, people who were offered a place will have to decline it and all the people on the waiting list will have to indicate they aren't interested in any places that become available. Only after that do universities begin to consider late applications.

Because of all the factors involved, it's impossible for us to say what your chances are. 

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