Replying to your offer - second round

If you applied to the Second round for autumn or spring semester, you must reply to your first admissions notification to keep your place.

What's different about the second round?

Second rounds have two selections. The first selection indicates what courses/programmes you've been:

  • accepted to
  • placed on a waiting list for
  • deleted from

All applicants are required to reply to their admissions offer after the first selection. With your reply, you'll let us know if you wish to keep your admitted place - or waiting list place - for the second selection.

The second selection is based on how applicants replied to the first. If an applicant decides not to keep their place, this place will become available in the second selection to waiting list applicants.

You can be offered a place or remain on the waiting list after the second selection. The courses and programmes you kept after the first selection results will remain after the second.

Replying to the first notification

Your first Notification of Selection Results will indicate the courses and programmes you've been offered a place in, or placed on reserve (waiting list) for. It's very important that you reply to your offer. If you don't by the deadline, you will lose any places - accepted and waiting list - that you've been offered. 

Find the reply deadline at Key dates and deadlines

How do I reply?

You can reply to your offer right here at Log in to your account, go to 'Application', and follow the instructions. 

You'll receive an email from University Admissions confirming your reply. If you haven't received an email confirmation, it's likely your reply didn't register. You can always contact University Admissions if you're having trouble replying.

Rules and guidelines

You may change your reply up to the reply deadline. You may not change the ranking order of your courses and programmes.

The number of credits you may keep your place in after the first selection is dependent on the types of courses and programmes you've applied to. When you're replying to your offer, the system will let you know if you've selected too many credits to take with you.

Do I need to reply to my second Notification of Selection Results?

If you've been offered a place after the second selection round, you don't need to reply here on to keep that place. It's possible that your university will have steps you need to follow to accept your place. Be sure to follow any instructions you receive from them.

If you don't wish to keep your place, you should decline your offer on In doing so, you free up your place to someone who is on the waiting list. 

I've been offered a place from the waiting list. Should I reply to my notification?

You don't need to reply if you wish to keep your place. However, if you don't wish to keep the place, you should decline your offer on 

I submitted a late application and have now been offered a place. Do I need to reply to my notification?

If you wish to keep your place, you don't need to reply. However, if you don't wish to keep the place, you should decline your offer on 

Last updated: 19 October 2022