Paying your application fee

If you have citizenship from a country that is not an EU/EEA country (or Switzerland), an application fee is required for your admissions application to be processed.

The application fee process

An application fee of 900 SEK (Swedish kronor) must be received by the fee deadline in order for your application to be processed. Any payments received after the deadline will result in your application status being changed to late. Late applications are only processed at the discretion of each university, if there are places available.

One application fee per semester

Students pay one application fee for each semester they submit an application for. It doesn't matter how many courses or programmes you've applied to in that semester, or if you've applied to different admissions rounds in that semester – you pay 900 kronor just one time.

Payment methods

There are three ways for you to pay your application fee:

  • The best method is to submit your payment electronically on this website, using a credit or bank card. It is the quickest and most secure way of getting your payment to us. 
  • Applicants who don't have a credit or bank card available can pay their application fee by transferring funds from the bank of their choice to University Admissions in Sweden. We do not recommend that students who have access to a card use this method as it takes longer, is more complicated, and is less secure.
  • If you're living in Sweden and are required to pay the application fee, you can use your Swedish bank account and pay using BankGiro.

Read the complete instructions for paying your application fee.

Last updated: 18 October 2022