Applying after the deadline

Although you should submit your application as early as possible, late applications may be considered for some courses and programmes.

Submitting a late application

After the last day to apply has passed, it's possible to submit a late application for courses and programmes that are still open for application. 

Universities process a number of late applications and, if time permits, your application can be reviewed. Your chances depend on the number of students who applied on time and accepted their place after admissions selection.

Late additions to an application

If you´ve submitted your application on time, you can still add courses and programmes that are open for late application. These additions to your application are considered late and are processed if places become available.

You can´t change the ranking of the courses you´ve already applied for before the deadline. However, the new, late courses can be placed anywhere in that order.

If you wish to delete any of the courses already processed, you can contact the university that you applied to. It's up to them to decide if they'll delete the course/programme. In most cases, this will not be possible.

How and when will I be notified if I've been offered a place?

Those who applied on-time are considered first and receive an admissions notification. Those who don't wish to accept their place decline it here on

After this, universities consider applicants on the waiting list (reserve), and then late applicants. 

If you've submitted a late application and are then offered a place, you'll receive an email from University Admissions and an admissions notification. In most cases, the university will also contact you.

It's impossible for us to say when - and if - you'll be notified that you've been offered a place.

What are my chances of getting in if I apply late?

Universities keep courses and programmes open for late application for different reasons. Just because a course can be applied to late doesn't necessarily mean that places will become available. At the same time, there are a number of universities who do offer places to students who apply late.

The majority of universities in the world accept more students than they have places for. This is to guarantee that the course will be filled after an expected number of accepted students decline their offer. 

It's possible that your application will be reviewed and your eligibility for the course determined -  you may even be offered a reserve place - but again, this doesn't guarantee you'll be offered an actual place in the course.

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Last updated: 05 December 2023