Rank your selections

After you've selected the courses and programmes you are interested in applying to, the next step is to rank them in your order of preference.

Ranking your selections is really important!

The order that you rank your choices is very important as you can only be offered a place in courses or programmes for a total of 45 credits. You'll be made an offer first for the ones you've given the highest ranking to where there is a place available and you meet the entry requirements.

This means that you'll be evaluated for your first choice first, then your second choice, and so on - up to 45 credits. Any choices you've ranked lower, that make your total more than 45 credits, will be deleted.

How many selections can I make?

At the bachelor's level, you're allowed to select up to eight (8) courses and programmes.

Ranking example

If your first choice is a course that's 15 credits, your second choice is a course that's 7.5 credits, and your third choice is a programme for 30 credits, the programme will be deleted if you're offered a place in the first two courses. This is because offering you a place in the programme would give you a total of 52.5 credits, which is more than the 45 maximum.

Ranking deadline

You have until the application deadline to change your ranking order.

Changing ranking, adding and deleting courses after the deadline

After the application deadline, you can't change the ranking order of the courses and programmes you've already applied to.

You can, however, delete courses and programmes and add them back to your application with a different rank. You can also add courses and programmes and place them anywhere in the ranking order. Note that this will create a late application for those selections. They'll only be considered by the university if there are places available after admissions selection.

Before making any changes to your application, make sure that the course or programme you wish to delete and add back has the status “Open for late application” in the course search.

We suggest you consider carefully before deleting and re-ranking courses and programmes. 

Last updated: 13 October 2020