Waiting list and late applications

If you were placed on a waiting list, or submitted a late application, the university may review your application after admissions selection and award you a place.

How will I know that I've been offered a place from the waiting list?

If you're on the waiting list and a place becomes available to you, this is what will happen:

  • You'll receive an email from University Admissions that you've been offered a place. You can view your Notification of Selection Results in your account here at Universityadmissions.se.
  • In most cases, the university will be in contact with you directly to let you know that there's a place available. 
  • If you don't wish to keep the place, please be sure to decline it so that it can be made available to someone else.
  • If you accept your place, all further contact will be made with the university.

My application was late. How will I know when it's been reviewed?

If you've submitted a late application, you'll receive an email when your application has been reviewed. You can then go in to your admissions account and find out the status of your application. Please note that not all late applications are reviewed.

What are my chances of being offered a place?

You may be wondering if the waiting list number you have will get you a place, or what the chances are of having your late application reviewed. Unfortunately, these are questions that are impossible to answer. All courses and programmes:

  • have a certain popularity that can change from year to year
  • applicants who need to decide if they're coming to Sweden to study
  • a different applicant pool with higher or lower merit ratings than previous years

We simply don't know if you'll be offered a place. We understand how eager you are for an answer and thank you for your patience.


Last updated: 17 October 2021