Currently studying in Sweden?

You most likely don't have to pay the application fee, but you do have to use your original account. Read more about matching your account to Ladok.

Checking registration status

After you submit your application, your account information is matched with Ladok, the study administration system, in order to search for a registration. If you're currently registered for a course or programme, your status will automatically be changed to no application fee required. The result of this check can be found on the 'Application fees' page when you log in to your account here at 

This process can take a few days, so please be patient while your status is checked and updated.

Are you registered for doctoral (third cycle) studies?

We won’t automatically receive a record of your registration from the study documentation system (Ladok). You need to document that you're currently registered by submitting a copy of your registration status from Ladok. You can request a copy from your university.

Use your original account

It's critical that you use your original account here at when submitting your application. All your academic information from your studies in Sweden is registered to that account. If you create another account, or use an account you created after your original, we won't be able to match your information in Ladok and will be unable to document your status as fee-exempt.

You can also log in at your university's website and enter from there. This will ensure that the information you use to log in matches your registration information in the Ladok system.

If you can't remember your password or username, you can click on 'Log in' at the startpage here and follow the link for instructions.

Last updated: 19 October 2022