Short overview, bachelor's

Sweden is unique in that we have a coordinated admissions system. This means that you can apply for courses and programmes at all universities on the same application.

Convenient electronic application and process

All of our international applicants apply electronically for courses and programmes. Here at, you can:

  • create a user account
  • search for courses and programmes
  • fill out and submit your application
  • pay your application fee, if required
  • upload your required documents
  • follow your application
  • receive and print out your Notification of Selection Results

Follow the steps in this section on applying to complete your application quickly and correctly.

One set of supporting documents

Students must submit academic documentation as part of their application. These documents can include upper secondary school transcripts, university transcripts and English test results. The documents you upload or send in to University Admissions in Sweden are scanned into our electronic admissions system. In that way, no matter where an admissions officer is in Sweden, they can bring up your record and review your application information and documents.

Application review

Your application will be registered and checked in several steps and by different institutions. If there's anything more you need to provide, University Admissions will contact you and let you know. 

Please note that we don't contact students if everything is correct with the application. If you don't hear anything, you can assume we have what we need to complete the review.

We review applications right up until the very last week before selection. 

Last updated: 03 September 2020