Sweden, bachelor's admission

Find out what previous studies meet the general entry requirements and what you can do at this website and at Antagning.se.

Meeting the general entry requirements

You can meet the general entry requirements with:

  • an examen from a "högskoleförberedande" programme, or
  • an yrkesexamen with a passing grade in Engelska 6. 

Meeting the English requirement

To meet the English requirement, you must have a passing grade in the Swedish course Engelska 6.

Is there a Swedish language requirement?

We assume you're at Universityadmissions.se because you wish to apply for courses and programmes taught in English. For these courses, Swedish is not required.

Find out more at Antagning.se

As you've completed your studies in Sweden, we strongly suggest that you find information about admission to bachelor's studies at the Swedish language website Antagning.se

The one thing you can do at Universityadmissions.se that you can't at Antagning.se is find the entire catalogue of courses and programmes offered in English. If you'd like to apply for these courses and programmes, then be sure to follow the key dates and apply here. Other than that, you can do everything necessary with your application at Antagning.se


Last updated: 19 October 2022