Sweden, master's admission

Find out what you need to submit, what previous studies meet the general entry requirements, how to meet the English requirement and any special instructions for your country of study.

Meeting the general entry requirements

For entry into a Master's programme, the minimum requirement is a 180 ECTS kandidatexamen.

Meeting the English requirement

Universities can decide themselves what level of English is required for master's programmes. For most, the requirement is Engelska 6/Engelska B. It's possible the programme could require a higher or lower level. Always check what's required at the programme page on the university's website. You can find a link in the search result for your programme or the Application page in your account if you’ve already submitted your application.

Documentation of previous studies

In order to show that you meet the general and specific entry requirements for a course or programme, you must document your previous studies. As you've completed your studies in Sweden, your academic transcripts are available electronically in the study administration system Ladok. As soon as you submit an application for admission - but not before - your transcript information in Ladok will be transferred to the admissions system. 

Because most international students don't have any electronic grades information in Sweden, we haven't provided a place to view these grades on Universityadmissions.se. However, you can look at your grades by logging into your account at Antagning.se and going to 'Meriter'. 

Please note that if you've also studied in another country and have submitted documentation of these previous studies, this information will not show up in 'Meriter'.

Go to 'Meriter' at Antagning.se

I've logged in to my account at Antagning.se but can't find any information about my previous grades

There are a few reasons why this may be the case:

  • Your grades information won't appear in the 'Meriter' section until you've submitted an application.
  • It can take up to 24 hours for your grades to appear there so please be patient.
  • You haven't yet verified your identity. You must do this using the activation code sent to your registered address in Sweden before you gain access to your grades information.
  • If you applied at an earlier date and didn't have a Swedish identity number at the time (maybe you started your studies in Sweden as an international student), it's possible that the information in the admissions system isn't matched up to your study information in Ladok. If you think this may be the case, contact the university where you previously studied to have them sync up your old admissions account with your Ladok study information.

Swedish language requirement

If the master's course or programme you've applied for is offered in English - we're assuming that's why you're here at Universityadmissions.se - then there isn't any Swedish language requirement.

Find out more

You can find comprehensive information - in Swedish - on how to apply for master's and magister courses and programmes at Antagning.se.

Information about applying for master's and magister

Last updated: 18 October 2022