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You may wish to reapply for a course or programme that's been deleted. Find out more at our section on reapplying, then check the common questions - you may find your answer there.

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Common questions

You can only reapply to courses and programmes that are still open for application.

You can find out if a course you've applied to is still open for application by searching for it in the search function on the start page. You can write in the name of the course or programme, or the application code. If there's a 'Select' button next to the result, it's still open for application.

See Reapplying to courses and programmes for more information on the reapplication process.

You can change the ranking of your courses and programmes up until the application deadline. 

If it's after the application deadline, you cannot change your ranking.

However, you can reapply for the lower ranked course/programme after the admissions results have been published on There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Please note that you may only reapply for courses that were deleted because of ranking and NOT because you weren´t qualified.
  • If you reapply for a lower ranked course or programme, you may be competing for a limited number of places and there´s no guarantee that you will be offered one. 

More information can be found at Reapplying to courses and programs.

Yes, if your status was unqualified for a course and you have since then sent in documents showing you ARE qualified, you must reapply.

Find out more information on Reapplying for courses and programmes

If the course or programme that’s been deleted is still open for application (you can check by searching for it on the start page – if you see a ’Select’ button, it’s still open), you can reapply for it.

When you upload or send in your documents, include a letter where you write that you wish to reapply and the name of the course or programme(s) you wish to reapply to. You must wait until the admissions results are published before you submit your letter - your documents can be submitted at any time.

Find out more at Reapplying to courses and programmes

Please follow these steps, at the times indicated:

  • At any time, submit your documentation to University Admissions. You can submit your documentation either by using the uploading function here at in your account, or sending them by the postal/delivery service.
  • After you've received your admissions results where you see the course in question has been deleted, submit a letter explaining that you would like to reapply for the course. All courses an applicant is not eligible for are deleted and must be reapplied to. Include the application codes for the courses for which you wish to reapply and indicate in what order you wish to rank them. Your application date will be the date we receive your documentation and your letter.

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No, you can't. If you want to appeal the decision about your course/programme ineligibility - or reapply for courses and programmes you're not eligible for - you have to wait until your admissions results have been published. For the autumn semester, this is in April - for the spring semester, in October.

Find out more about appeals

Find out more about reapplying

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