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There are so many courses and programmes available, it can be hard to figure out how best to search. We've gathered some of the most asked questions. Be sure to check out our information page on course search as well.

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Common questions

You can apply to any courses that are open for application, but it's also important to make sure you meet the entry requirements for a course before applying.

Courses and programmes that are open for application will have an 'Select' button next to them when you search. It's important to click on the 'Show more' text under each search result that interests you and:

  • find and click on the link to the course information page on the university's website
  • read there what the general and specific entry requirements are for the course 
  • find out what the English requirements are

If you meet the requirements, add the course and then proceed to the application.

Much of the application and selection process in Sweden is completed electronically. During the electronic selection process: 

  • all courses and programmes are closed for application so that applications cannot be changed during the process
  • students are unable to add any courses or programmes to their application 
  • students are unable to change the ranking order of their course selections

After the selection process is completed (right before the admissions results are published), students can apply for courses and programmes that are open for late application.

It's much more common for universities to start their bachelor's and master's programmes in the autumn semester. There is a limited amount of programmes available that start in the spring semester. The same is true for many courses.

Also note that there aren't any scholarships available for programmes that start in the spring semester.

If you're a programme student, you can see what courses are available to you when searching:

  • log in to your account
  • click on the search button (you don't have to enter any information in the search box)
  • scroll down to the section for programme students in the filter

If you still do not have access to your courses after logging in, please contact your university for assistance.

International students have two different admissions rounds they can apply to for the autumn semester: the First admission round with an application deadline in January, and the Second admission round with an application deadline in April. There are also two admission rounds for the spring semester. Some universities place courses and programmes in both admission rounds. This can result in the same course appearing twice in the results list.

Remember that all of these admission rounds have different deadlines and decision dates. Click on 'Show more' in the search results and then follow the link to the course description on the university's homepage. There, you can find out which admission round the course can be found in, and what dates apply. 

We have information regarding important dates for the different admission rounds right here on

Read more at Key dates and deadlines.

Read more about admission rounds at Two admission rounds for each semester

A few times per year, all applications are locked and can't be updated. This happens because of admissions selection. In order to offer places to students who have applied for admission, a selection must take place.

During this selection process - which mostly occurs electronically - all students' applications are locked. This is to prevent changes being made while selection is running, which would interfere with the process.

Selection normally only lasts for a few days, with the exception of selection to the second admission round for the spring semester which usually lasts for a few weeks over the Christmas holiday. After selection is completed, you'll again have access to your application.

Please note you won't be able to search for courses in the locked admission round during this time. has a favourites function you can use to save courses and programmes you're interested in. You must be logged in to your account in order to use favourites.

When you search for courses, you'll see a heart in the search result. Click on it and the selection will be saved in your favourites. You can view them in 'My selection'.

Be sure to make a final decision about what courses and programmes you want to apply for and submit them by the application deadline. Having favourites is not an application.

Read about key dates and deadlines

Yes, it's very important. Most courses and programmes have specific entry requirements, such as certain acquired degrees and completed courses. These are decided by the university. 

All applicants should visit the course page and find out:

  • what the entry requirements are, including the specific entry requirements for the course/programme
  • what other documentation is required by the university

The link to the course page is found in the search results on the start page - click on 'Show more' to find the link.

Read more about entry requirements

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