Changed dates for second round autumn semester 2021

This year, admissions results for the second round will be delayed by one week. The new date for publication will be 16 July. This change was necessary as UHR has also changed the deadline for submitting documentation due to the pandemic.

We decided to change the dates so that as many applicants as possible could apply for higher education, even if they've been negatively affected by the pandemic's consequences for schools.

Applicants are required to reply to admissions offers made in the second round. The deadline for replying has not been changed - it's 23 July. 

There are two dates that have been changed for the second round autumn semester 2021:

  • The supporting documentation deadline has been changed from 21 June to 5 July.
  • The date for publication of admissions results has been changed from 9 July to 16 July.

The reply deadline of 23 July has not been changed. This means that you have a week to reply to your Notification of Selection Results. 

Here you can see the updated dates for second round autumn semester 2021 (the original dates are in parentheses).  

What's happening? Date
Application round opens 15 March (15 March)
Application deadline 15 April (15 April)
Document deadline for students finishing their studies after the application deadline. * 5 July (21 June)
Admissions results published (Reply required) 16 July (9 July)
Reply deadline 23 July (23 July)
Second admissions results (no reply required) 29 July (29 July)

* If you're completing your upper secondary studies in an EU/EEA country, Switzerland or an IB/EB programme, you have until 5 July to submit your documents. All other supporting documents should have been submitted together with your application. If you haven't yet submitted documents you have on hand, submit them as soon as possible. 

As always, it's important to provide your documents as soon as you have them. Don't wait - upload them right away. 

Know when your results are coming - and reply right away

All applicants will have a week to reply to their admissions offer. Be sure to save the date for when results will be published - 16 July - and reply as soon as possible before the 23 July deadline.

Why did UHR change the dates?

Because of the pandemic, many upper secondary students have had a hard time in school, due to both distance studies and illness. A number of Swedish upper secondary students need to attend summer school in order to finish their studies. Some upper secondary schools have let UHR know that they won't be able to provide final school grades for their students by the original document deadline. 

It's important to us that upper secondary students and other applicants that have been affected negatively by the pandemic have the opportunity to apply to higher education. That's why we made the decision to move the documentation deadline to 5 July. 

Now that the document deadline has been moved, admissions officers need sufficient time to process applications where documentation has come in later. To provide this time, UHR has also changed the date of publication of admissions results. The new date is 16 July. 

The reply deadline is still 23 July, which means you have a week to reply to your Notification of Selection results. 

Last updated: 16 April 2021