An updated website for you, the international applicant

Welcome to our new and improved website for application to higher education in Sweden. We hope you'll find easier to use.

New design has had a make-over! We've updated the look of the website, making it more modern and less "busy" than the old website.

Improved accessibility

Much of the time spent on website improvement has focused on accessibility and making the website compliant to the EU Web Accessibility Directive. Improving for visitors with disabilities creates a better experience for all our visitors.

Updated course search and login

We've made improvements on the course search, adding a filter function and clearer search results. It's also easier to create an account and access your personal pages on

Completely responsive website

One of the biggest improvements was making all areas of the website compatible with mobile telephones and tablets. Applicants can now access all areas of the website on their electronic devices. University Admissions on the go!

Last updated: 01 September 2020