If you have additional documentation that will make you qualified for courses you were originally deemed unqualified for, you must reapply for them. 

You can only apply to courses still open for late applications

You can find out if a course you've applied to is still open for application by searching for it in the course catalogue on the start page. You can write in the name of the course or programme, or the application code. If there's an 'Add' button next to the result, it's still open for application.

Reapplying to deleted courses and programmes due to ranking and not replying to your offer

If you have been deleted from a course or programme for one of the following reasons, you must reapply to be considered for it:

  • you've been offered a place in a higher ranked course or programme, and the lower ranked one has been deleted
  • the course or programme was deleted because you forgot to keep your place when you replied to your offer

You can reapply right here on Universityadmissions.se:

  • Log in to your account and go to your applications. Where you can reply yes or no to your offer, you will also find a "Reapply" button next to the courses you can reapply to.

  • Click the button to reapply. Confirm you will reapply in the pop-up box.

  • You'll see that the course has been marked for reapplication. You can place it where you want in your ranking order.

  • You must answer yes or no to all of the courses, then click to continue.

You'll get a confirmation email to your registered address that your reply and reapplication has been received.

Reapplying to courses you were unqualified for but believe you now are due to new documentation

Some applicants are not considered qualified for a course when they apply, but later have documentation that makes them qualified. 

You must reapply to be considered for admission

If you wish to be considered for courses you were previously determined to be unqualified for you must reapply for them. Please follow these instructions:

  • Submit your new documentation to University Admissions with a letter explaining that you'd like to reapply. 
  • In the letter, include the application code(s) for the courses you wish to reapply for and indicate in what order you wish to rank your courses.

Your application date will be the date we receive your documentation and your letter.

Reapplying to courses you submitted your application on time for, but submitted your documentation after the deadline

Applicants who completed their electronic application on-time but submitted their documents after the deadline - even one day after the deadline - must reapply for courses that have been deleted after the first selection round if they wish to be considered for them. Follow these instructions:

  • Submit an e-mail to University Admissions explaining that you would like to reapply. (Use the contact form on this website)
  • In the e-mail, include the application code(s) for the courses you wish to reapply for and indicate in what order you wish to rank your courses.