This website's target group is international students but we understand newly arrived here who haven't yet learned Swedish may wish to study courses taught in English.

What are the requirements in order to be able to study in Sweden?

In order to be eligible for university studies in Sweden, you must meet the entry requirements. Basically, to study university courses at the bachelor's level, you need to have completed an upper secondary (high school) programme that would allow you to study at a university in your home country. For studies at the master's level, you need a completed bachelor's degree. You also need to demonstrate a specific level of English for courses taught in English.

Your age and where you are from has no bearing on whether you can study in Sweden. 

Entry requirements for bachelor's studies

Entry requirements for master's studies

English requirements

Do I have to pay application and tuition fees?

  • Applicants with citizenship in a European Union/European Economic Area country, or Switzerland, do not have to pay application and tuition fees.

  • Applicants with a Swedish temporary or permanent resident permit granted for reasons other than studies do not have to pay fees.

  • If you are an asylum-seeker, you must pay application and tuition fees. There are, unfortunately, no exceptions that can be made to this rule. 

  • There are other situations that may grant you a waiver. Please see the following link for detailed information on who must pay fees: Am I required to pay?

Can I study while waiting for a decision regarding Swedish residence?

You can study at the university level, but you'll be considered a fee-paying student until your resident permit has been issued. 

I don't have my academic documents (from upper secondary school or university) with me and am not sure I'm going to be able to get them. What should I do?

It is possible for an applicant to meet the entry requirements without having needed documentation. It is up to the university to which you apply to review your situation with you. If you find a university you're interested in studying at, contact the guidance office there to speak with someone about your options. You can find contact information on the university website.

University contact information

I'm currently seeking asylum and my case is being reviewed. Is there any special information for me? is a website for newly arrived people in Sweden. They have a special section for asylum-seekers. You can find the link below: - information for asylum-seekers

I have other questions about studying and working in Sweden - who should I contact?

The best place for you as a newly arrived student to find information about studying at university in Sweden is at the website There is a version of the website that is in English - and with an overview in a number of other languages - which is tailored to individuals who wish to study here but have not yet learned Swedish.

Be sure to check it out!