Several authorities work together to provide an excellent education experience for both Swedish and international students.

It may be confusing with several different government authorities and agencies, and many students wonder where they should turn for specific questions or tasks. Here's a quick guide for you, with links to more information.

Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR)

UHR is the agency responsible for the website you're visiting right now. We are tasked with managing admission to Sweden's universities. There is also a sister site for Swedish students, It is through and that students search for courses and programmes, create an account, submit their application and receive their Notification of Selection Results (admission decision).

UHR also provides general information about higher education through the website Furthermore, the agency evaluates foreign academic education qualifications. The purpose of this evaluation of both upper-secondary and post-secondary level qualifications is to make it easier for individuals with foreign qualifications to apply for jobs.

Swedish Institute

The Swedish Institute is a public agency that promotes Sweden around the world:

  • They provide extensive information to international students about studying at Sweden's universities.

  • They manage a scholarship programme for students from a number of different countries.

  • A great place to start if you're looking for information about university studies in Sweden is the Swedish Institute's website for international students,

Swedish Higher Education Authority (Universitetskanslersämbetet)

Universitetskanslersämbetet is tasked with overseeing Sweden's universities and university colleges, and to ensure that these comply with regulations and provide quality education. The authority is also responsible for statistics and follow-up with regards to the higher education sector in Sweden.