Web-based courses and study programmes offer great flexibility. You have the freedom to choose how you wish to complete your studies. However, if you choose to study a web-based course or study programme, you need to be self-disciplined and use your time effectively.

There are many different types of web-based courses and study programmes. Some courses and study programmes are completely web-based and there is no need to physically attend a university for any sessions such as introductory meetings, lectures, group work or examinations. Others have compulsory sessions.

Compulsory (required) sessions

Some courses and programmes have compulsory sessions. These may be held at the university or take place online.

Optional sessions

Some courses and programmes may have optional sessions. The information that is given out in these sessions must be made accessible by other means to students who choose not to attend a university.

Photo Credit: Melker Dahlstrand/Image Bank Sweden