Admission to Swedish PhD programmes is managed by the universities' faculty boards. Applications are made directly to the university.

Applicants must have an academic degree equivalent to a bachelor's degree or higher in the intended field of study. Generally a master's degree is a de facto requirement. 

Applicants are also required to have funding for the entire programme period.

Paid Studentships

There are paid studentships at the universities that combine employed service, such as teaching or research, with PhD studies. When there is a studentship position open, the university is required to advertise it publicly. However, there is no comprehensive listing of open studentship positions.

Contact the department before applying

If you apply for a programme of postgraduate training on your own initiative, it is a good idea to contact the department to discuss your plans before you submit your formal application. This gives you an idea of:

  • how research is carried out at the department,

  • what projects are being conducted or planned for the future

  • if funding is available. 

Last updated: 08 April 2019