When you search for courses and programmes, you have the option of choosing those which are completely distance-based or those with required meetings. 

Searching for distance courses and programmes

Here is a list of steps for you to follow in order to search for distance courses and programmes:

  • Decide if you want to study a completely web-based course or programme or if you would like to attend required sessions at the university

  • Click on the link 'More search options' under the search box on the homepage of Universityadmissions.se

  • You'll see the option 'Show only distance courses'. By checking this box, you will limit your search to distance courses.

  • After checking this box, you will see another option, 'Only distance courses without required meetings'. You should check this box if you would only like to see distance courses and programmes where you do not have to physically attend any lectures, meetings etc.

  • You have other options available in your search, such as choosing the level and pace of study you wish. You can also do a free text search in the green search box. As long as you have checked one or more of the distance boxes, your results will be limited to distance courses and programmes.