Web-based courses and study programmes offer great flexibility. You have the freedom to choose how you wish to complete your studies. 

There are many different types of web-based courses and study programmes. Some courses and study programmes are completely web-based while other require you to visit campus.

Courses without required meetings

With these types of courses, the student is never required to visit the university for any sessions. Everything - such as meetings, lectures, group work and examinations - is completed online.

Courses with required (compulsory) meetings 


Some courses and programmes require the student to physically attend one or more sessions - such as meetings, lectures, group work or examinations - on campus. 

Where can I find out more?

Visit Studera.nu to find out more about distance studies.

Distance education at Studera.nu

Photo Credit: Melker Dahlstrand/Image Bank Sweden

Last updated: 08 April 2019