Admissions support

Second admission round, autumn semester

The following is a short checklist for applications to the second round, autumn semester. This should give you an idea of what to expect and what steps you should be taking.

Throughout the process:

Check the 'Messages' tab in your account regularly for instructions regarding your documentation, from submission of your application until you receive your Notification of Selection Results. 

15 March – 16 April

Apply at and document your fee exempt status

For most students, documenting your fee exempt status means submitting proof of your citizenship in an EU/EEA country. For more information, please see EU/EEA citizens exempt from fees

Please note: Some universities will publish their courses and programmes in both the International and EU/EEA admission rounds. You may see a double listing for some courses when you do a search – remember that they have different deadlines and other dates. Also, courses and programmes offered during the First round may not always be offered again in the Second admission round. Thus, it is advisable also for EU/EEA students to apply in the First admission round.

15 March – Middle of June

Send in supporting documents and pay application fee (if you haven't already done so)

All applicants need to send in supporting academic documents. If you need to pay an application fee, we recommend that you pay the fee online. You can also pay by bank transfer. See our special information page.

If you do not need to pay a fee, you must document this. See our information page on how to do so.

See Key dates for more specific information on the document and fee deadline

Apply for a scholarship from the university you're applying to

Many universities offer scholarships for international students. Please see the page Scholarships here at this website, then check with the university you're applying to for more information.


Check first selection results and reply to your offer

You will receive your Notification of Selection Results in the middle of July. This will tell you if you've been offered a place or placed on reserve (waiting list) for the courses and programmes you've applied to. You must reply to your offer if you wish to keep your place - this includes reserves.

End of July

Deadline for replying to your admission offer

If you haven't already done so, reply to your offer by the deadline in order to keep your place. 

As soon as possible after you accept your place

Plan your accommodation

Once you get a better idea of where you're going to study, you should read up on accommodation possibilities at relevant universities. This should be done as soon as you can, as housing can be limited in some Swedish cities. Good places to start are and the website of the university where you've applied.

Beginning of August

Second selection

You'll receive your second Notification of Selection Results, which will tell you which programmes or courses you have been offered a place in. If you're still on reserve (waiting list) for some courses and programmes, it's possible that you may still be offered a place. 

End of August

Semester starts

The semester starts at the end of the month. Contact your university for exact dates for registration and introduction seminars.