One application

Sweden is unique in that we have a pooled admissions system. This means that students can apply for courses and programmes at all universities on the same application – and right here at!

Convenient electronic application and process

All of our international applicants apply electronically for courses and programmes. Here on, you can:

  • create a user account

  • search for courses and programmes

  • fill out and send in your application

  • pay your application fee, if required

  • upload your required documents

  • follow your application

  • receive and print out your Notification of Selection Results

  • reply to any offers of admission

A First and Second admission round for both autumn semester and spring semester

The entire catalog of international courses and study programmes is available for application in the First admission round for the autumn and spring semesters. We encourage ALL international students to apply to the earlier rounds. Not only is there better availability of courses, the application deadlines and decisions come several months before the semester starts. This allows you to apply for and receive your resident permit (if needed), arrange for housing and have plenty of time to plan for your time in Sweden.

There are additional admission rounds - a Second round for the autumn and spring semester. These admission rounds occur later, with admission decisions coming just a short time before the start of the semester. While this affords EU/EEA students the time they need to arrange for their studies in Sweden, students from other countries are not encouraged to apply to this admission round as they will most likely not have enough time to apply for and receive their resident permit.

One set of supporting documents

Students must submit documentation in support of their application. These documents can include upper secondary school transcripts, university transcripts and English test results. All documents that we receive in support of your application are scanned in and accessible online for the Swedish universities and their staff to view.

You can upload your documents using the uploading function on this website - this is the fastest and easiest way to complete  your application. You can also submit your documents via regular mail or a delivery service. 

Students need only submit one set of documents. Submitting extra sets will only delay the processing of your application. 

It is important that you send in the documentation that is required. More information regarding what documents you need to submit, and how to submit them, can be found by clicking the following link:

Documenting your eligibility

Please note that only applicants with a Swedish personal identification number (personnummer) can access their Swedish qualifications online. To do this, an applicant must log in to, the website for admission to Swedish courses and programmes.

Scanned documents

An advantage to having an electronic application process is that an applicant's admission materials are available for all admissions officers to review at any time. The documents you upload or send in to University Admissions in Sweden are scanned into our electronic admissions system. In that way, no matter where an admissions officer is in Sweden, he or she can bring up your record and look at all of your documents and your application information.

If you send your documents via regular post or a delivery service, all documents are prepared for scanning. The scanning may take up to six weeks, depending on the number of applications.  Any paper clips, staples and bindings delay the handling of your application so please avoid using them.

You will be able to check that the supporting documents  you uploaded or mailed have been registered on 'Documents' found under 'My pages' when you log in to your account. If you send in your documents via regular mail, please note that the date your documents are registered will most likely be several days to several weeks after you receive confirmation from your delivery service that your documents were delivered.

Preliminary assessment

Your application will be registered and checked in several steps and by different institutions. Because of the number of applications that we receive, this process can take some time.

Please note that in some cases, the final assessment will not be made until the very last week before selection.

Notification of selection results

Once the selection results have been published, you will receive an email reminder to log in to 'My pages' and check your results.

Your notification will be accessible online as well as in a printable PDF-file. If you are offered a place, read the instructions about applying for a student residence permit and payment of tuition fees (if required), as well as any information about enrollment/registration days or introductory meetings held by the university.

Reply online

You will be required to reply online to your first Notification of Selection Results. If you fail to reply, or reply after the deadline you will lose your place. Please be sure to reply on time!

Contact us

If you have questions, please contact us by using the contact form which you can access by clicking on 'Questions/Contact'. Regrettably, due to the great number of applications, this service is restricted to general feedback. Please be patient and await a reply – sending multiple emails will not result in a faster reply.

It is important to remember that the admissions process takes several weeks. Your patience is appreciated.

Photo Credit: Cecilia Larsson Lantz/Image Bank Sweden