Swedish residents can use BankGiro to pay their application fee.

Paying with your Swedish bank account by BankGiro

Students with a bank account in Sweden can pay their application fee using the same method as they use when paying other bills.Please be sure to indicate your reference number when you send your payment via BankGiro. You can find your reference number on the 'Application fee' tab of your account.

Accessing BankGiro information

You can find University Admissions's BankGiro account number on the 'Application fee' page. At the bottom of this page, there is a link to payment via a bank. All applicants who pay the application fee must read and understand the terms and conditions - after you have read them, check the box indicated in order to activate the payment via a bank link.

After clicking, you will find the BankGiro account information you need – be sure to copy it down.

Last updated: 08 April 2019