Hakim, fee-paying student from Pakistan

Hakim is from Pakistan. He has completed his bachelor's (first cycle) studies and is interested in a master´s programme (second cycle) in economics in Sweden.

Pernilla, admissions counselor

Pernilla Andersson works at University Admissions in Sweden as an admissions office. She is here to answer some questions that our international applicants have regarding application and tuition fees in Sweden.


Hakim:  I´m very excited about studying in Sweden, but have some questions about fees. First, do I have to pay an application fee? 

Pernilla: Yes, all students applying to university studies in Sweden who are citizens of countries outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland must pay an application fee. 

Hakim: How much is this application fee?  

Pernilla:  The application fee is 900 Swedish kronor.  

Hakim: Do I have to pay a fee for each course or programme I apply for?  

Pernilla: It doesn´t matter how many courses or programmes you have selected for the semester you have applied to, you pay just one application fee.  

Hakim: How do I pay my application fee?  

Pernilla: You should pay your application fee when submitting your application on Universityadmissions.se. As a last step before submitting your application, you will come to information pages about the application fee and a link you can use to pay online.

Hakim: What methods can I use to submit my payment?

Pernilla: The very best way to pay your application fee is to use your bank or credit card. This is the fastest, easiest and safest way to make your payment and we ask all of our applicants to use this method if they have a bank or credit card. It really makes the process much, much easier for you.

Hakim: What if I don´t have a bank or credit card?

Pernilla: The other way to pay your application fee is to send funds electronically through your bank. This method takes a great deal longer, is not as secure and could delay the processing of your application. We do not recommend you use this method if you have a bank or credit card you can use. There will be further instructions on the page 'Application fee' when you're logged in to your account at Universityadmissions.se.

If you do decide to transfer funds, it is important that you give your bank the reference number you have been assigned. You can find this reference number on the Application fee information page.

Hakim: When is my application fee due?

Pernilla: The Application fee page will indicate the deadline for your payment. It is important that your application fee has reached us by this deadline. If your payment does not reach us in time, your application will be considered late, even if you submitted information about what courses and programmes you would like to apply for and your supporting documentation on time. We will not begin processing your application until we receive your payment. This is why we recommend payment with a bank or credit card — your payment will reach us at the same time as your application.

Hakim: What about tuition fees? How much will they be?

Pernilla: Each university will provide tuition information for each course and programme they offer. This information will be available to you when you search for courses and programmes, in the results list. You can also find information on the university´s website.

Hakim: When do I need to pay these tuition fees?

Pernilla: You should pay your tuition fee as soon as you receive an invoice from the university you are planning to attend. You should receive this invoice shortly after your Notification of Selection Results, if you´ve been offered a place in a programme. Please note that your application for a residence permit will not be processed by the Swedish Migration Agency until you have paid the first instalment of your tuition fee. Tuition fees are to be paid directly to the university where you will be studying.

The residence permit process can take some time; therefore, it is very important that you pay your tuition fee instalment for the upcoming semester as soon as possible.

Hakim: What about scholarships? Is there financial help available to me?

Pernilla: There are scholarships available for international students who wish to study in Sweden. The Swedish Institute (SI) has funding available for students from specific countries. More information is available on their website. Some universities and university colleges also have funding available for scholarships for international students. You can find more information on the websites of the schools you have applied to.

Illustrations by Gabriel Wentz