Bazmi is from India. He has a master´s degree in Chemical Engineering and wishes to pursue doctoral studies in Sweden.

Pernilla, admissions counselor

Pernilla Andersson works at University Studies in Sweden as an admissions officer. She is here to answer some questions that our international applicants have regarding application and tuition fees in Sweden.


Bazmi: I know that I will be applying for doctoral studies directly to the universities in Sweden I am interested in. How much will my application fee be? 

Pernilla: Only students applying for bachelor's level (first cycle) and master's level (second cycle) studies are required to pay an application fee. As you´re applying for studies at the doctoral level (third cycle), you don't need to pay a fee.  

Bazmi: What about tuition fees?  

Pernilla: The rules are the same for tuition fees. All students who are studying at the doctoral level in Sweden are not required to pay tuition fees. 

Bazmi: What if I take courses that are at the bachelor's or master's level?   

Pernilla: Those courses are not automatically fee exempt for you as they are not doctoral courses. As you do not meet the general criteria for being exempt from paying fees, you would most likely need to pay fees for those courses. You should contact the university you are interested in to find out more.

Illustrations by Gabriel Wentz