To be offered a place in master's (second cycle) courses and programmes taught in English, you must meet certain general and specific entry requirements.

General entry requirements

To meet the entry requirements for master's level (second cycle or graduate) studies, you must have been awarded a Bachelor's degree (equivalent to a Swedish Kandidatexamen) from an internationally recognised university.

Specific entry requirements


You must be able to demonstrate proficiency in English by taking an internationally recognised test, such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc. Previous upper secondary studies or university studies completed in some countries can also meet the requirement. Check the website of the university where you would like to study for more information about language requirements as they determine what level is required for Master's course and programme.

For more information about previous upper secondary and university studies that can meet the requirement, please see the following link:

English language requirements

Other specific requirements

In addition to the requirement described above, there may be other specific entry requirements for the course or programme.These are outlined in individual course or programme descriptions which can be found on the website of the university. You can go directly to these individual course or programme descriptions from your search results here at Just click on 'More information' under each course and/or programme in your result list. Click on the picture below to see where the links are located:


For further information, you can contact the university directly - contact information can be found at the list of Swedish universities

Photo Credit: Eva Dalin