Some applicants can meet the English requirement for their programme through their upper secondary studies. This depends on in what country the applicant has studied.

Can I meet the Bachelor's English requirement with my upper secondary studies?

There are many countries from which you can meet the English 6 requirement. You can find out more by going to the country-specific information page for the country where you completed your upper secondary studies.

Special country instructions for bachelor's level applicants

Can I meet the Master's English requirement with my upper secondary studies?

The English requirement for most master's programmes is the equivalent of English 6, but for some English 5 can be accepted. Your first step is to check what is required at the course description page on the university's website. 

There are a number of countries with upper secondary courses that meet the English requirement. You can find out if studies in your country qualify at the country-specific information page.

Special country instructions for master's level applicants

Please note: If you submit upper secondary (high school) transcripts to document your English language abilities, you must follow the translation instructions as follows:

  • Upper secondary (high school) documents in English, French, Spanish, German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish do not need to be translated.

  • Upper secondary school documents in Icelandic do not need to be translated.

  • If your documents are in any other language, you must also submit authorised translations of the documents into Swedish or English.