Welcome to the information page for students who have studied in Pakistan and will be submitting documentation of their studies there. Listed here are special instructions for you to follow.

For entry to a master's programme, the minimum requirement is a 4-year Bachelor's degree, or a Bachelor's degree of 126 credits, or a Bachelor's degree followed by a Master's degree. Some, but not all, study programmes require for that first degree to be in a related field.

Consideration will also be given to applicants who have attained a 3-year Bachelor's degree with honours in certain social science or humanities majors.

Students holding only a 3-year Bachelor's degree without honours will not satisfy the entry requirements for a Master´s programme.

Students holding a Bachelor's degree from a university which has been classified as category Z or Y by the Higher Education Commission must have a Master's degree to be considered.

The following degrees do not satisfy the entry requirements for a master's programme:

  • A Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from India, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh
  • A Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery from India, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh

Supporting document requirements

Please note that college-issued mark sheet/result card/transcript will not be accepted unless they are countersigned by the Controller of examinations at the degree awarding university. College-issued diplomas or provisional certificates will not be accepted.

Academic documents (each page of the transcripts and diplomas) must be attested by the HEC. The authenticity of qualifications will be verified with the HEC. Please note that a faster verification process will be applied for academic documents certified by the HEC after February 2009. We therefore urge everyone with older attestations to arrange for new ones.

The qualification verification process takes time. It is therefore important that you apply early and ensure that your study documents are received by University Admissions in Sweden as early as possible. The later your documents are received, the less chance you have of being considered.