Most documents can be uploaded to University Admissions. We encourage you to use this service whenever possible as your documents will arrive quickly, easily and safely.

Preparing your documents

Before uploading your documents, they must be prepared as follows:

  • You must scan your officially issued documents in colour, even if they're black and white.

  • All files must be in PDF-format to be accepted for uploading.

  • Be sure to scan all document pages that contain text/writing, even those with just instructions, keys or other information that is not necessarily your grade information. 

  • All documents that are in the same category (for example transcripts and diploma copies) should be scanned into ONE file - do not make a separate file for each page. There are programmes on the internet that can help you with this.

  • Check your scan to make sure that everything on the original document can be read, including text, embossed stamps, numbers, etc. If your scan cannot be read, it cannot be accepted.

  • If you can't get a good scan, we suggest you submit your documents via regular mail. Instructions can be found at Regular post (delivery service) instructions.

  • Photographs of documents are acceptable, as long as the photo is clear and is submitted as a pdf document.

Uploading your prepared files

Once you've prepared your documents and scanned them into PDF files, it's time to use the uploading function on

  • Log in to your account and go to the Documents tab.You must have a current, active application in order to be able to upload your documents.

  • Follow the instructions given and upload your documents.

  • Tip: Give your files a name that will remind you later what it contains.

  • Tip: Remember that once you've uploaded your documents, you can't view or delete them. You'll be provided with the name you've given the file, and the file name for reference.

Special instructions for Apple users (Mac/iPhone/iPad)

There can be problems uploading your documents if you're using Apple products. Please follow these instructions so the admissions system can recognise them:

  • Do not use the embedded PDF-viewer in Safari or Mac OS. Create the document directly in Adobe Acrobat or an equivalent PDF programme.

  • When creating the document as a PDF, select 'Print' (instead of Save as) and then as a PDF document so it can be recognised in our admissions system.