Students who do not hold the required degree, but are registered for the last semester of a programme leading to such a degree, can be accepted by universities.

As a master's applicant, you are required to document all semesters of your studies. Universities may consider your application if you:

  • are in your last year of studies

  • provide a transcript for all completed semesters to date

  • submit documentation from your university certifying that you are an active student in your last year

  • provide documentation that you meet the English requirement

Please note that you must complete all steps in the application process and provide the rest of your documentation by the deadline. You can find out what is required in steps 1 through 5. 

Certification from your current university

An official document stating that you are a currently enrolled student and participating in your last year of studies must be submitted with your application. The document must be issued through and certified by a representative of the Academic Registrar's Office, the Examinations Office or equivalent. Certification from other staff members, such as teachers/professors, will not be accepted.

Use our Statement of enrollment status form

University Admissions in Sweden has created a form which you can use to get certification from your current university. Follow the instructions provided:

Statement of enrollment status for students in their final year

Students conditionally admitted

If you’ve been conditionally admitted as a final-year student with the help of the above certification, you will have to present your complete transcript and degree once you register at your university at the start of the semester in Sweden.

We suggest that you upload your documents here at as soon as you get them so that they're registered when you arrive to Sweden.