Welcome to the information page for applicants who have completed studies in Bangladesh, with information about meeting the English requirement, what previous studies meet the basic entry requirements, and any special documentation instructions. 

Start with Step 1 - Finding out what I need to submit

There are general instructions for all applicants; it is important that you start with Step 1 and then work your way through the remaining steps in order to submit the right documents in the right way.

Meeting the English requirement - bachelor's and master's level studies

Upper secondary studies completed in this country do not meet the English requirement for studies in Sweden. Even if you studied English at your upper secondary school, it is not enough to give you eligibility in regard to English.

You can demonstrate that you meet the English language requirement through certain university studies, or an internationally approved English test. Find out more at the following link:

English language requirements

Previous studies that meet the general entry requirements and any special documentation instructions

For bachelor's level studies:

The following meet the general criteria:

  • Higher Secondary Certificate Examination
  • Vocational Higher Secondary Certificate Examination
  • Madrasah Alim examination

You can document your eligibility by submitting one of the following, according to what qualification you've received:

  • Higher Secondary Certificate Examination, or Intermediate Certificate and Marks Sheet, or Intermediate Certificate och Academic Transcript
  • Vocational Higher Secondary Certificate Examination
  • Higher Secondary Certificate Examination

For master's level studies:

For entry to a master's study programme, the minimum requirement is a 4-year Bachelor's degree, or a Bachelor's degree followed by a Master's degree. Some, but not all, study programmes require that first degree to be in a related field.

Consideration will also be given to applicants who have attained a 3-year Bachelor's degree with honours in certain social science or humanities majors.

Students holding a 3-year Bachelor's degree without honours will not satisfy the entry requirements for a Master's programme.

Students holding a Bachelor's degree from a university which the Ministry of Education has classified as "failed most requirements", "failed to satisfy requirements", or "registration canceled" must have a Master's degree to be considered.

The following degrees do not satisfy the entry requirements for a master's programme:

  • A Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from India, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh
  • A Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery from India, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh

University document requirements

  • The transcripts and Diploma must be issued by the University. Please note that college-issued mark sheets/result cards/transcripts will not be accepted.
  • Mark sheets/transcripts must be issued by the Registrar's Office or the Controller or Examinations Office at the university.
  • If the transcripts/mark sheets do not contain the names of the courses studied, a syllabus must be submitted. Transcripts/mark sheets where the courses are listed as “Paper1", “Paper2" are not sufficient.
  • Documents certified by the issuing institution must be issued through and certified by a representative of the Academic Registrar's Office, the Examinations Office, or equivalent of the institution. Certification from other staff members, such as faculty or college staff members, is not acceptable. Further information can be found at the following link: Requirements for certification

Specific document instructions

Submitting your upper secondary documents

All your upper secondary (if applying for bachelor's studies) documents, as listed above, can be submitted by uploading a scan of either the original documents, or an attested copy of your original documents.

Submitting your university documents

  • You submit your diploma by scanning your original diploma into a pdf document and uploading it right here at Universityadmissions.se.
  • Your official transcript must be sent in a sealed envelope directly from your university to University Admissions in Sweden. The envelope may not contain any other documents other than the official transcript. Have them send your transcript to: University Admissions in Sweden, R 312, SE-106 53 Stockholm, Sweden