In this section, we list a few other things to consider regarding your documentation.

Incomplete documentation

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have read and understood the application requirements and have gathered and submitted all the necessary components of the application package, by the application deadline.

If any required document is not submitted, or submitted in the wrong way, your application will not be assessed, even if the study documentation is otherwise complete. For example, if your study results from any one year or semester are missing, your study documentation is incomplete and therefore will not be assessed, even if you have submitted documentation for the rest of your studies. The same applies to applicants who upload documents when they are required to submit them via regular mail or have their university send them directly.


University Admissions in Sweden checks the authenticity of your documents with the issuing institution. University Admissions in Sweden reserves the right to revoke admission if supporting documents are discovered to be fraudulent.

Submission of false documents is a violation of Swedish law and is considered grounds for legal action.

Document evaluation by Universitets- och högskolerådet (UHR) is not required

If you have an evaluation of your university qualifications from UHR (or even from Högskoleverket, the previous agency in charge of evaluations), you still must submit all required documents listed in the section What do I need to submit for your admissions application to be processed.

If you don't have a previous evaluation, please note that an evaluation of your university qualifications by UHR is not required for eligibility to continued studies in Sweden.