After submitting your application, your next step is to document your studies, English abilities, and provide other documents that may be required by the university.

We understand the documentation process can be a complicated one. In order to help, we've provided a step-by-step process for you to follow. It can be a very good idea to read through each step carefully. It is important that your documents arrive in the right way in order for us to be able to process your application.

Step 1: Finding out what I need to submit

What documents are required - information on what you should provide to University Admissions. 

Step 2: Checking for special instructions for my country

We have provided specific academic documents information and requirements for your country, including what should be submitted and how. 

Step 3 - Making sure my documents are certified/attested

It's important that you authenticate your documents - show that they are real and true copies. This section tells you how to do that. 

Step 4 - Submitting my English documentation

You must provide documentation of your English proficiency - find out how you can document this here.

Step 5: Submitting my documents

After you've found out how your documents should be submitted, check here for specific instructions on uploading and using the regular post so everything arrives as it should.

For students in their final year of bachelor's studies

Not finished yet with your bachelor's degree? You can find instructions here on what to do in order to apply to university studies in Sweden. 

Photo Credit: Eva Dalin