Bachelor's applicants who have attended university are required to submit documentation of their studies and results.

There are specific instructions regarding how university certificates, diplomas and transcripts are to be submitted to University Admissions. Please see the following information for more details.

Your university qualifications cannot be used instead of your upper secondary (high school) qualifications

In order for your eligibility for courses and programmes at the bachelor's level to be determined - and for you to compete with other applicants for available places in courses and programmes - you must submit your upper secondary qualifications, as listed above. While we require your university qualifications if you've completed studies at a university, they cannot be used in place of your upper secondary qualifications.

What should be submitted?

If you have results from university studies, the following documents (stamped and signed) should be submitted with the rest of your documentation:

  1. Certificates and diplomas from previous education at an internationally recognised higher education institution (university)

  2. Transcripts of completed courses and grades (including course list). If possible, sort them in reverse chronological order, i. e. the most recent on top

How should they be submitted?

For most countries, your academic documentation can be uploaded right here at with the rest of your documentation. There are a few exceptions:

  • If your degree was awarded in Cameroon, Canada, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, or the USA, your transcript of records must be sent directly from your university.  If you send it yourself, it will not be accepted. Please have your university send your transcript to University Admissions in Sweden, FE 20102, SE-839 87 Östersund, SWEDEN. For more information, please see Master's documentation requirements.

  • If your university qualifications are from Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Bhutan, you must submit them to University Admissions via regular mail or a delivery service - you cannot use the document uploading function for them. To find out how to submit your university records, please see Master's documentation requirements.