You can search for international courses and programmes that interest you right here at You'll find the course search function on the start page.

Courses and programmes from all Swedish universities  

Here at, Sweden's universities have provided us with their course and programme listings which we make available as a searchable database. You can for example search:

  • for a specific programme or course,
  • for courses from within a specific subject area,
  • in various regions of Sweden
  • just for courses at a specific university you're interested in.

Basic search 

You can use the green search box on the homepage to search for courses or programmes that interest you. Your search words can be a subject area, the name of a course or even a course code. Be sure to select which semester you're interested in and click the search button. You can only search for one semester at a time.

You can also choose to search for courses and/or programmes in the main search area.

There's a map function to search for courses and programmes at specific universities that interest you, or even search in specific regions in Sweden. Click on "all Swedish universities" above the search box to open the map.

More search options

You can also be more specific about your search by clicking "More search options". You can choose which level or pace of study you'd like, as well as what time of day courses are offered, or even select only distance courses.

Another option is to search based on subject areas. Click on 'Subjects' which contains a menu where you can select different subject areas. You can be general or specific in your choices.

When you find a course or programme that interests you, click the 'Add' button. This will place it in your basket.

How many selections can I make?

If you wish to apply for master's programmes, you are allowed to select up to four (4). At the bachelor's (undergraduate) level, you're allowed to select up to eight (8) courses and programmes.

I've made my selections. What next?

When you have made your selections, simply click on the 'To application' button. If you haven't already done so, you will be asked to log in to your account, or create one. Follow the instructions given.

Last updated: 08 April 2019