After you'vve selected the master's programmes you are interested in applying to, the next step is to rank them in your order of preference.

This means that the study programme you are most interested in must be given priority 1, your second priority 2, and so on. You can apply to up to 4 master's programmes.

Your ranking is important

The order that you rank your choices is very important as you will be made an offer for the programme you have given the highest ranking to in your list where there is a place available and you meet the entry requirements. This means that you will be evaluated for your first choice first. If you are offered a place in that programme, the others will be deleted. If you are not offered a place in the first programme on your list, you will be evaluated for your second choice, and so on.

Place offered in only one programme

Applicants can be offered only one study place. This means that if you are offered a place in a programme with a higher ranking, the programme(s) with a lower ranking will be deleted.

Ranking deadline

Applicants have until the application deadline to change their ranking order without their selections being considered late (as long as they submit all supporting documentation and the application fee, if required, by the completion and fee deadline).

Adding and deleting courses after the deadline

After the application deadline, students may not change the ranking order of the programmes they have already applied to. Students may, however, add programmes and place them anywhere in the ranking order. They may also delete programmes and add them back to their application in a different rank.

Please be advised that any programmes added after the application deadline – or deleted or added back in a different place in the order – will be considered late, and only considered at the discretion of the university if there are places available after admissions selection.

Before making any changes to your application, make sure that the programme you wish to delete and add back has the status “Open for late application” in the course search.

Last updated: 08 April 2019