Not all admissions decisions can be appealed. It's important to find out what can and can't be appealed before submitting one. 

What can be appealed?

You may only appeal decisions made regarding whether you meet the general and specific entry requirements for a specific course or programme. 

Late or incomplete applications, cancelled courses or programmes or the selection result - whether or not you were offered a place - do not constitute grounds for an appeal.

Instructions for submitting an appeal

In order to speed up the process and facilitate a fair assessment, you are welcome to use the appeals form - you can find the link on this page. Follow these instructions:

  • Enter your data on screen then print out the form. 

  • Print out a copy of your Notification of Selection Results. 

  • Upload your appeals document and Notification here at at the 'Documents' tab when you log in to your account.

Please note the form is not designed to save your data. Print it directly after completion.

You can also submit a letter which contains the information asked for in the appeals form. 

Refer to requirements

In your appeal, you must state which university the appeal concerns, the decision you're appealing, and the reason for the appeal. Be sure to refer to the entry requirements for the bachelor's or master's course or programme in question.

Submitting your appeal documents

The easiest way to get your appeal to us is by scanning your appeals form/letter and Notification of Selection Results and uploading them here in your account. 

If you do not have access to a scanner, you can also submit your appeals form/appeals letter and notification by regular post. The address is:

R 312


If your appeal is for one of the following universities, your letter must be addressed to the vice-chancellor of the university: Chalmers University of Technology, Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College, Stockholm School of Economics, Jönköping University, The Red Cross University College of Nursing, Sophiahemmet University College, Johannelunds Theological University College and University College Stockholm. 

Three weeks time limit

The appeals form must reach University Admissions in Sweden no later than three weeks after you have received your Notification of Selection Results.

Response to the appeal

The university to which you appeal will re-assess your eligibility and, if any documentation has been disregarded, a new decision will be made. If the university concerned chooses not to change its decision, your appeal will be forwarded to the Higher Education Appeals Board, which will decide whether the appeal should be upheld or dismissed..

Even if the authority upholds your appeal, there is no guarantee that you will be able to begin the course or programme during the current academic year; you may be required to wait until the next time the course or programme is offered.

New documents in support of your application

As stated earlier, you can only appeal decisions that have been made regarding whether you meet the general and specific entry requirements. If you wish to submit new documents in support of your application, please do not include them with an appeals form/appeals letter. Instead, submit your documents separately to University Admissions as soon as possible. 

In order for your new documents to be considered, you must reapply. Please see the following link for information regarding reapplying:

Reapplying to courses and programmes