If you have a Swedish personal identity number (personnummer), you create your user account using this number as your username. 

You will then be required to verify your identity by entering the activation code you receive shortly after creating your user account.

As a verified user you can view your qualifications online once they have been registered. You'll need to go to Antagning.se and log in to do so.

Activation code

According to the Swedish Personal Data Act (PUL), University Admissions in Sweden is not allowed to publicise your registered information (personal and application data) until your identity has been confirmed.

In order to confirm your identity, we'll send an activation code to the address in Sweden where you are officially registered, shortly after you create your user account here at Universityadmissions.se. The address where you are officially registered is called your "folkbokföringsadress".

For more information regarding population registration or "folkbokföring", please see the following link at the Swedish Tax Authority's website:

Population registration in Sweden

Entering your activation code

When you log in to Universityadmissions.se, you will be presented with a box where you can enter your activation code. The activation code can only be used once. Once you have completed this step, you will gain access to data registered in your name, and to the online reply service.

You will not need to use your activation code again.

Do you have a personnummer and are living abroad?

Because your address isn't officially registered in Sweden, you can't activate your account with an activation code. Please send an email to University Admissions and we can help you verify your account.

Protected personal information

If you're a Swedish resident and have protected personal information, you must choose what type of protection you wish to have before applying to university studies:

  • Full privacy protection: This means that your entire admissions application is private. Please note that in this case, you cannot apply online at Antagning.se or  Universityadmissions.se; instead, you must apply using a paper application.
  • Address protection: This means that just your address is private. In this case, you can apply at Antagning.se or here at Universityadmissions.se.

You can read more about the two types of protection and what you need to do regarding your application on Antagning.se. The information is in Swedish - you can always ask a guidance counsellor to help you.

Information regarding protected personal information on Antagning.se

There is also information regarding the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act at the Swedish government's website.